Where everything has started

Where everything started

The first time I came to Payolle I was just 2 years old and I was discovering snow for the first time. Apparently I loved it from what X says and this passion about this spot never stops growing everytime I go there. I started to have fun going sledging, making my first snowman, my first prints in the snow, cross country skiing rides… it was like the golden age where creativity was at its height!

Today nothing has changed, I am a creative adult who’s nothing else than the child who survived actually 😉
Adventuring the mountain creating unforgatable moments is my new game and certainly my favorite one! My ‘little Canada’ became years after years my playground where all my passions met each other… Can not be more stoked to live here and enjoy the most precious things that mother nature has to offer 😀

I let you with some of my latest daydreams, please feel free to travel with me 😉


Payolle life

Winter car

Lake spirit

Admiring the mountain

Winter cabin
Cup of water
Morning bliss

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