Wander Into The Milky Way

This wasn't real

Mars just arrived few days ago in our Grand Tourmalet bringing us an alternation between snowy and sunny spell days. The big game now is to find THE day of the week to go up and enjoy these pretty cool spring ski conditions :)
The continual climate change leads to excesses pushing us to more flexibily to catch the best moments. It is in these instances that born the best things in life: last minute adventures!

Last week we spent with Alice some cool times exploring the quintessence of what La Mongie, Barèges, Pic du Midi and Payolle can offer 😀
Take a second breath at the top of the Pic du Midi, enjoy a sunny lunch and stroll between pine trees in Payolle and skiing in the meantime on the slopes… all was about like travelling across different planets!
Even for me who is used to enjoy those stunning spots regularly, it is the first time ever I experienced completely different atmosphere in such fleeting period, just crazy!!
Personnally I really think that Grand Tourmalet is definitely the only resort here in the french Pyrenees which offers this variety of possibilities! Thats my goal I really want to be able to explore a mad place every single day!

Few sunny weather windows are expected for this week I am not gonna miss them anyway! Cool event to put on your schedule: the Derby du Pic du Midi next saturday with pretty perfect snow conditions, can not wait to be back into our Milky Way…


Moon dreamers

All eyes on the mountain

Dead end

from space


capsule area



private paradise

wood villa

Conscious being

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