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Life is surprising, always and forever! This winter was just another blast riding in Courchevel, was probably the best memories I had so far 😉 I’ve always said that what I am searching every single day through my travels is the beauty in its most untouchable essence. According to my mindset, What is cool in this quest is obviously the fact that beauty is persasive and I can sense it in substance and in form. For whatever reason, phycical or emotional this beauty is what makes me be what I am today, aesthete. And when I go to Courchevel I am in perfect balance between my endless creativity and my love for the mountains and winter sports.

As a snow pirate the White 1921 & the Cheval Blanc are from now considered as Chillinmaster official shelters in town! Two lovely high spots to spend time in zero gravity without the necessecity to go to space :) With the best cabin crew ever you can be sure that your crossing of Courchevel is already over the top of the highest summits surrounding your room.

Skier? Yes I am, but chillinmaster before all!haha so what I need the most when I go to freeski all day long is a moment of chill somewhere that perfectly fits with my current mood. Addicted to views I just followed this time the wise advices of local foodies and spent more time than scheduled at Les Chenus 😉 Wonderfully greeted by Yannick Pecchio the owner we laid down on the sofa outside with one of the greatest 360° view of the resort. Eating inside a poster is not something given to everyone and when the beauty of senses appears it is in your mouth that someting happens. Made to share the food in this mountain chalet is a true treat! Nachos and melted cheese were my favorite so if you make a stop before the end of the winter season be sure to take a couple of seconds (no more) to taste it!

Chiller? Always ON! After winters and winters chaing the best snow conditions over the mountains I get used to take a daily break to the best wellness spots to relax my body and mind at the same time! Aquamotion is the temple of the ‘Do Nothing Club’!haha Loved the vibe

Explorer? Forever! Courchevel can be considered as a wonderful attachment point from where you can explore the most insane high altitude points! This time we had the chance to fly few minutes over the valleys around just awesome to take off and land on one of the world’s most dangerous airport, probably better than any carousel at the attraction park 😉 Alpine Airlines offers to me the best experience I ever had in Courchevel! They just are my fav guys out there with such a good philosophy and very positive energy to share with you their passion for spending more time in in air than on earth.

Let’s Courchevel together, forever!


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Suga suga land

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