Parallel World


The Belmond Hotel Splendido is just what I call a true masterpiece! I discovered last summer that a piece of heaven has survived in Italy and this gem was known under the name of Portofino! As we said to each other with Baptsite my assistant for this trip, just at the thought of it this name make us dream already!
As Spring slowly arrived, I had in my mind to visit this Garden of Eden during this beginning of the season to catch the essence itself of what Nature offers to us in such places on earth.

Coming by car from Nice the last turns on the little road that drives us to the Grail were like pure joy! Always super excited after passing each of them like a kid who can wait to open his gifts for its birthday! I came to the conclusion that it was like taking on a new dimension in which we were in total reconnection with the nature and with ourselves by the way! Everything there was peaceful and the warm welcome of the GM Ermès De Megni made us feel at home in a split second: the Dolce Vita is not a dream it’s well and truly a reality and the Splendido is probably the cradle of chill here in Italy! The Hotel is one the most iconic worldwide luxury establishment and have had a stream of the greatest persons who are mostly still present in photos on the several areas of the hotel.

In a world where everything is temporary the Splendido appears as timeless! All it takes to roam within it to feel it :)
Calm, spectacular, voluptuous… the place never pretends to be something else it stays itself and we have just the impression to be unique staying in this legendary place. This is awesome to see how an hotel like this cross ages and keep representing this authentic luxury which is more about a true lifestyle than a simple product. One of the major point here is the fact that every single of with the 55 rooms has its own soul with a unique interior design for each piece of this awesome puzzle, loved it! Starting the day with a splendid breakfast on our breathtaking terrace, explore the slightest nook of Portofino, daydream around the pool after lunch and finally enjoy the last notes of the pianist at the bar before to fall in the arms of Morpheus… this is how daily life should works no?!

Sometimes why travel at the world’s end to live ‘the Dolce Vita’ when that one beneath our very eyes? Welcome to our parallel world!


welcome home

Lazy afternoon



love for breakfast

morning light


break time

chill mood

through the window

boat trip

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