Wander Into The Milky Way

This wasn't real

Mars just arrived few days ago in our Grand Tourmalet bringing us an alternation between snowy and sunny spell days. The big game now is to find THE day of the week to go up and enjoy these pretty cool spring ski conditions :)
The continual climate change leads to excesses pushing us to more flexibily to catch the best moments. It is in these instances that born the best things in life: last minute adventures!

Last week we spent with Alice some cool times exploring the quintessence of what La Mongie, BarΓ¨ges, Pic du Midi and Payolle can offer πŸ˜€
Take a second breath at the top of the Pic du Midi, enjoy a sunny lunch and stroll between pine trees in Payolle and skiing in the meantime on the slopes… all was about like travelling across different planets!
Even for me who is used to enjoy those stunning spots regularly, it is the first time ever I experienced completely different atmosphere in such fleeting period, just crazy!!
Personnally I really think that Grand Tourmalet is definitely the only resort here in the french Pyrenees which offers this variety of possibilities! Thats my goal I really want to be able to explore a mad place every single day!

Few sunny weather windows are expected for this week I am not gonna miss them anyway! Cool event to put on your schedule: the Derby du Pic du Midi next saturday with pretty perfect snow conditions, can not wait to be back into our Milky Way…


Moon dreamers

All eyes on the mountain

Dead end

from space


capsule area



private paradise

wood villa

Conscious being

Go with the flow

Go above

Courchevel is my new heaven! So crazy to ride here during two epic days, everything was just EPIC for a first time! As I really like to give a way to get lost in the mountain I decided over a first phase to discover the resort alone by myself and I had enough to be going on with πŸ˜€

Since I ski I’ve always dreamed to hurtle down those slopes and there is no better sensation ever to realize that things definitely happen for real!
Here everything is awesome regarding the ski area which offers a multitude of stunning views, scenic ski lifts, pretty good gourmet restaurants, diversity of slopes and crazy mother nature…impressive 😎

After this first impression I get the chance to have another vision of the place with the team Pure Slo which is pretty used to play into this environment.
Spending time here trying their skis has been 100% amazing! Riding the Deep Night was just a pure pleasure in all type of snow conditions, lovely surprise! But I guess thats what happens when you have the right ski company!

Living those kind of days is truly what puts the biggest smile on my face out of anything you can do in the world! What a great idea sometimes to don’t have a plan, just let go and see what happens: this is life, go with the flow πŸ˜‰ For me its not about planning a tedious everyday life and I don’t think its ever been, its all about pushing yourself to learn new things, meet new people and constantly move forward out of my comfort zone!

So hard to keep the blog in full speed but what is coming next months gonna tempt you a lot.


No off slope

Pure Slo is coming

best refuge

Deep Nature

Altiport time

Piece of peace

from the landing

secret keeper

leave your ego at the door

atmosphere is my soulmate

private plane

Fragments of White

My room is above

New place I discovered recently begining of February is the newborn of LVMH Hotel Management the White 1921 ! What enjoyable surprise to find such a cool place in Courchevel 1850, I was super stoked and truly amazed to all apparences :)
I mean this is not only chill place as I’ve been already to many ones, it’s so much more than this! Just passing the front door and I felt immediately like I was arrived at home. Floating in this atmosphere I ended up comfortably off in the lounge in this cosy place enjoying a liltle juice to start this fresh journey into the White 1921.

Becoming more and more sympathised with the interior design I exceptionnaly loved the one of the White 1921 which reminded me a lot my addiction for the scandinavian influences. The perfect blend between wood and alternation of white and blue triangles created by Jean Michel Wilmotte express well what geometry in space and minimalism are all about nowadays.

Between ramble and dream I over chilled in my room the ultimate cocoon where I imagined myself in my own refuge away from home, pure bliss! Outside paradise awaits with a pretty lovely balcony and its stunning view on the slopes every morning! Breathing, thinking, drinking couple of cuppa while sun’s rays caress my skin, what a better way to wake up? 😎

I grant importance to breakfast more and mothan ever everyday overall during the ski season it become the most important moment of the day to start on the best way that I can, taking force and to get into condtion for all the physical efforts. Just had a lovely one here, where everything is super well prepared and presented. Couple of juice glasses, an omelette and few ham slices later I am ready to discover more about the best ski resort of the world.

So well I stopped chillin’ and I went riding! Towards the ski room to catch my skis and hit the slopes under a perfect blue sky! Great to arrived in the morning and get your own pair of ski ready and prepared to go for a wonderful day on the slopes! A real must have for a compusilve skier as me!

When I move, I move fast so another big advange I’ve found here with the White 1921 was definitely the location of the hotel wich is simply at the right place in the heart of Courchevel 1850 on La Croistte! I only had to cross the street to be direcly on the slopes and this location offers besides an amazing diversity as for after ski life… it’s like a true fresh paradise πŸ˜€

The White 1921 Spa offers a pretty cool hammam and sauna where you can restored your body and be ready to hit the Courchevel nightlife…That’s the point when you come here you are not sure to ski every morning if you know what I am saying haha, but that’s the game!

To be perfectly honest when I woke up the departure day I did not want to leave, it’s been so amazing to live up in the mountains and experience few moments in such a great and unique winter atmosphere. Super delighted of every single minutes of my lightning visit πŸ˜€ Beyond the rad place, it’s the dynamic spirit instilled by a young team which makes the difference! Very appreciated on my side who’s used to travel a lot, first time that I experienced shared moments like this with a temporary second family.

Time now to plan the next episode here for coming season!


chill at the white

stairs and white lines

back office

desk side


morning chill

geometry in space

private library

please take a chill place

piece of the room

after ski work out

shower power

breakfast time

table for four


spa and chill

Light Echoes

inspiration through exploration

Mountain and I we have this kind of connection together, something that no one can control like an unlimited attraction. When I am above, time goes slowly, my mind goes fast and I feel drive by something very special that takes control of my body. This shows me how life can be confusing sometimes and that’s exactly what I love living it πŸ˜‰
Les Arcs is part of those stunning places where the mountain reveals this combination of feelings being stimulating, stunning and ruthless at once! This is the kind of things I live for definitely, I really like to observe nature while creating memorable moments.

By way of breakfast my first morning option was to warm up hitting Arc 1950 where the sun goes out in the first place every early morning. This part of the resort is so cool to wake up your legs and start gently breathing the fesh air again, just bracing!
Second stop at Arc 1800 for people watching and snowpark shredding, hell yeah! Rad time to chill on that side of the mountain, probably the most dynamic and busy one!
After a lil break to eat something at The Lodge Restaurant it was time to enjoy Arc 1600 with some runs in switch and forest getaway only pure pleasure!
Last ditch before the resort closing was taking the cable car to reach the Aiguille Rouge for the sunset πŸ˜€ I have to say that I am now a professional sunset watcher in location like Les Arcs right now. The big thing was to stay extremely discreet to avoid being captured by the ski patrollers haha, so much fun to play hide and seek to end on a high note!

So special to complete my jaunt with this sensation to live on my own watching the last beam of light from the crest. All alone together with our world admiring the light echoes just before to slow down the slope like a last free electron into the darkness…


All alone together


brushing your world



silence above



pure bliss

piece of peace

Cocoon Altitude

chill attitude

Well back in Arc 1950 this year with some new expectations regarding weather forecast as our last stay here was under tons of snow and a crazy powder alarm!! This time I really looked forward to see the village for the first time with a blue sky storm ahah and this finally happen πŸ˜€ It was so much better than last year and I just became aware that the whole architecture of the village looked like I ended up in Sweden, full of wood and some cool colors, loved this!

Just rediscovered how it is cool to be directly on the slopes every morning just pushing the door of the Radisson Blu and put your skis on, so much better than taking the subway πŸ˜‰
The village atmosphere that hover the place makes me feel like you are part of a little mountain community for few days, full immersion and unique sensation. What a better feeling than to be adopted by mountain and this brings me to the fact that now everywhere I go is my hometown more than ever before πŸ˜€

If you never been to Les Arcs you must know that Arc 1950 is the only place where everything is well designed like a typical high mountain village which is super cool and enjoyable to chill when you ain’t on the slopes! So many options all around for good lunch and dinner or just to have a glass after all your efforts of the day.
My best after ski activity? Enjoying the Deep Nature Spa is something you can put on top of your To Do List, whatever the skiing conditions it’s always the best moment of the day to refresh your mind and body! So lets’s chill!

‘Cocoon altitude’ is my own definition of Arc 1950 hope that you will find your own one pretty soon if you have the chance to come feeling the flow this way πŸ˜‰


Wood house

pull up time

through the window

strolll around the village

hameau du glacier

relaxing atmosphere at the deep nature spa

everyday view

outside your comfort zone

welcome to Arc 1950

chill retreat

Floating Away

Baby rider crew

February schedule is dedicated to experience wholeheartedly Grand Tourmalet this year, with a bunch of pretty nice moments and vibes in perspective! Sooo stoked πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ On this point, as I believe in shared moments I invite those of you who already came over here and enjoyed the spot to reveal their beautiful thoughts and emotions here. Show us what your mind was made of after your stay!
Just spent last week wandering around my second home and instead of being weighed down with the very bad weather conditions I just used it as it was to create some memorable fragments of winter life.

The funny thing I noticed those last couple of months is how I love to reinvent my life everyday I chill, everywhere I go with and with whoever I am! It’s like I ski over the past few years most of the time in the same ski resort but each time I come back for a new session I see things differently, feeling new inspiration inside of me, feeling like it is full of possibilities, that’s probably why I never get bored about what I am doing! haha!

Anyway, it has been amazing time once again to fight against nature or to play with it which is better and see how imperfections in life are pure beauty! Did my first lines of the season at Le Pain de Sucre which makes me realize how this spot is the best illustration of my infinite creativity… full of faces, bottlenecks and jumps to hit: my kinda natural snowpark :)

I enjoyed seeing the slopes full of people as it was the first week of winter holiday, full inspiration to check how the new generation is learning how to ski, having fun and super determined at the same time: « take more risks! » I said to myself afterwards!

Cool cool to get this chance to live the life I love and it is just starting obvisouly πŸ˜€
Sometimes I really feel like I am floating away in my daydream πŸ˜‰


Ice cream lover

La grenouillière

Today on the moon

Bubble gum

signing session

Le Schuss

Lines garden