Masterpiece of Peace

Piece of peace

Be surprised is what I am looking for in life and this is the main reason of my venue to the Brenners Park Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden! To be honest I didn’t even search on the web about the place before to come! Successful gamble! Located on the doorstop of the magnificient Black Forest this place is a masterpiece of peace at all the levels. From your first steps in the propery to a pretty revivifying park escape in passing by medical massage and sauna sessions at Villa Stephanie, everything is thought to make you feel super relax at Home! Something incredible here is the balance between people and the relaxed athmosphere…so peaceful! For the foodies as I am, you can enjoy a splendid lunch at the Wintergarten starting by a Waldorf salad Brenners style followed by the wellknown Wiener Schnitzel before to end this ultimate experience with the cold ice cream souffle Stephanie, good combo for the figure!! Couldn’t more appreciate those moments with just one point in the diary: ‘Having all the time in the world!’ :)
So stoked to have discovered another way to travel in the space-time, and that’s just the start!

Anne Suciu - Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

Detail - Brenners Park - Hotel & Spa

Lunch athmosphere - Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

Lise - Youth of Today

Artisan in chief - Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

Let's ride - Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

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