Light Echoes

inspiration through exploration

Mountain and I we have this kind of connection together, something that no one can control like an unlimited attraction. When I am above, time goes slowly, my mind goes fast and I feel drive by something very special that takes control of my body. This shows me how life can be confusing sometimes and that’s exactly what I love living it 😉
Les Arcs is part of those stunning places where the mountain reveals this combination of feelings being stimulating, stunning and ruthless at once! This is the kind of things I live for definitely, I really like to observe nature while creating memorable moments.

By way of breakfast my first morning option was to warm up hitting Arc 1950 where the sun goes out in the first place every early morning. This part of the resort is so cool to wake up your legs and start gently breathing the fesh air again, just bracing!
Second stop at Arc 1800 for people watching and snowpark shredding, hell yeah! Rad time to chill on that side of the mountain, probably the most dynamic and busy one!
After a lil break to eat something at The Lodge Restaurant it was time to enjoy Arc 1600 with some runs in switch and forest getaway only pure pleasure!
Last ditch before the resort closing was taking the cable car to reach the Aiguille Rouge for the sunset 😀 I have to say that I am now a professional sunset watcher in location like Les Arcs right now. The big thing was to stay extremely discreet to avoid being captured by the ski patrollers haha, so much fun to play hide and seek to end on a high note!

So special to complete my jaunt with this sensation to live on my own watching the last beam of light from the crest. All alone together with our world admiring the light echoes just before to slow down the slope like a last free electron into the darkness…


All alone together


brushing your world



silence above



pure bliss

piece of peace

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