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ITALY! that sounds great no? Going beyond from the cliché, one of my eternal dream was to discover another facet of my neighbour country, winter side of a piece of mountain in the Aosta Valley, La Thuile. All I want every day I am living is to be be totally enthrall, stunned and lost by what I see. As I’ve a very special relationship with nature since I am born, this place brings me to an evidence where you feel that you are part of it and not only enjoying it as a product.
Surrounded by the majesctic Mont Blanc I remember to stay humble, take a breath and say hello to a new adventure.
Found a new dope spot staying this time in my first design hotel ever, the Nira Montana a hidden-away place where probably the chillest people ever can find their refuge to skip out all their negative vibes.
On the other side from the border just behind the Mont Blanc the destination is at the same time so close and so far, hard to explain and I don’t wanna to do it so I encourage you to live this experience by yourself 😉

I woke up and chill every morning at the breakfast which was probably one of the best one I’ve tried so far in a winter establishment, pretty simple and pretty delicious :p Quite funny to start your day eating tomato and mozzarella, but loved it and sure I could get used to super quickly!

Skiing all day long in La Thuile is just something awesome as the place is similar to Disneyland for freeride lovers as I am! I just became mad seeing all those faces and thinking of the lines that I could draw all around the mountain like a painter imagine his paintbrush on canvas… I’ll devote myself to create a masterpiece during my next trip here I guess 😉
We had pretty windy conditions during our stay and reached -15°C so we had for main challenge to find some rad places to warm up between runs. We finally made it with the ristorante ‘Roxi’ where I tried my first ever hot apple juice! It is like when we were groms and tried our first candy: super sweet at the first mouthful and then become like a pure drug 😀 This was the perfect tonic after hours exploring, skiing and shooting in the heart of winterland!

After hard days at the office one of my favorite hobby is the after-ski! I probably became better at this than skiing haha! Sometimes I party, sometimes I chill so I had some big expectations regarding the second option for this time!! Epic, thats the most suitable word to describe the spa space at the Nira… From the first second you go inside until you come back to your cosy room you are like floating away in a daydream! Everything is so chill there: views of the surroundings are simply stunning, atmosphere is bewitching and the combo of teas is bracing: the must have to be good in shape.

Night is coming and the ambiance is at the bar where the success of the spritz cocktail is on the cards! Time to derief the day and plan other exploration, kinda after work I guess! Dinner was sumptuous and service waited on us hand and foot, very enjoyable to feel this famous ‘Dolce Farniente’ that is not just an expression but a real way of life over there :)

When I left the Nira I had this kind of lightness inside of myself going with a huge desire to come back ASAP! Life’s light as feather, just go with the flow 😉


Light landscape

chill and relax

art deco

over sunny



what's the plan?

Close your eyes

Brown atmosphere at the spa

I wake up and chill every morning

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