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What a great pleasure to be invited to support a unique initiative for the Paris candidacy regarding the Olympic games in 2024.
The idea was named ‘En Selle Pour Paris 2014‘ and consited in doing the end of the 7th stage of Le Tour de France arriving at the lake of Payolle in my lovely Grand Tourmalet.

For this occasion I had the chance to pedal with a bunch of champions: Louis Armary (europeean champion of rugby and 3rd of the world cup); Philippe Dintrans (double europeean champion and vice- world champion ofrugby); William Ayache (football gold medalist for the Olympic Games of Los Angeles in 1984); Wilfrid Forgues (gold medalist in canoë biplace at the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996); Nicolas Lopez (Olympic champion in sabre by team and silver medalist by individual in the Olympic Games of Beijing in 2008); Mathieu Crépel (Team France for the Olympic Games in 2006, double world champion of snowboard); Vincent Valéry (Team France for the Olympic Games in Turin in 2006) and Boris Neveu (World Champion 2015 and Europe Champion 2016 in kayak slalom) if you please!

The roadmap was to start from Bagnères de Bigorre to reach Payolle (20km) by bike just before the offical arrival of the race. We had a perfect weather to do this not too hot, not too cold so the perfect macth to enjoy the tour and the natural beauty of the surroundings. I am not used to biking but I had to say that it was so enjoyable to cross the mountain in another means of transport: Unique experience!











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