Go with the flow

Go above

Courchevel is my new heaven! So crazy to ride here during two epic days, everything was just EPIC for a first time! As I really like to give a way to get lost in the mountain I decided over a first phase to discover the resort alone by myself and I had enough to be going on with 😀

Since I ski I’ve always dreamed to hurtle down those slopes and there is no better sensation ever to realize that things definitely happen for real!
Here everything is awesome regarding the ski area which offers a multitude of stunning views, scenic ski lifts, pretty good gourmet restaurants, diversity of slopes and crazy mother nature…impressive 😎

After this first impression I get the chance to have another vision of the place with the team Pure Slo which is pretty used to play into this environment.
Spending time here trying their skis has been 100% amazing! Riding the Deep Night was just a pure pleasure in all type of snow conditions, lovely surprise! But I guess thats what happens when you have the right ski company!

Living those kind of days is truly what puts the biggest smile on my face out of anything you can do in the world! What a great idea sometimes to don’t have a plan, just let go and see what happens: this is life, go with the flow 😉 For me its not about planning a tedious everyday life and I don’t think its ever been, its all about pushing yourself to learn new things, meet new people and constantly move forward out of my comfort zone!

So hard to keep the blog in full speed but what is coming next months gonna tempt you a lot.


No off slope

Pure Slo is coming

best refuge

Deep Nature

Altiport time

Piece of peace

from the landing

secret keeper

leave your ego at the door

atmosphere is my soulmate

private plane

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