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February schedule is dedicated to experience wholeheartedly Grand Tourmalet this year, with a bunch of pretty nice moments and vibes in perspective! Sooo stoked 😀 😀 On this point, as I believe in shared moments I invite those of you who already came over here and enjoyed the spot to reveal their beautiful thoughts and emotions here. Show us what your mind was made of after your stay!
Just spent last week wandering around my second home and instead of being weighed down with the very bad weather conditions I just used it as it was to create some memorable fragments of winter life.

The funny thing I noticed those last couple of months is how I love to reinvent my life everyday I chill, everywhere I go with and with whoever I am! It’s like I ski over the past few years most of the time in the same ski resort but each time I come back for a new session I see things differently, feeling new inspiration inside of me, feeling like it is full of possibilities, that’s probably why I never get bored about what I am doing! haha!

Anyway, it has been amazing time once again to fight against nature or to play with it which is better and see how imperfections in life are pure beauty! Did my first lines of the season at Le Pain de Sucre which makes me realize how this spot is the best illustration of my infinite creativity… full of faces, bottlenecks and jumps to hit: my kinda natural snowpark :)

I enjoyed seeing the slopes full of people as it was the first week of winter holiday, full inspiration to check how the new generation is learning how to ski, having fun and super determined at the same time: « take more risks! » I said to myself afterwards!

Cool cool to get this chance to live the life I love and it is just starting obvisouly 😀
Sometimes I really feel like I am floating away in my daydream 😉


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