Fendi as if by magic


As a Fendi lover from the outset I was invited during my last stop in Rome to pass by the ultimate masterpiece of the brand, Fendi Private Suites, the world’s very first Fendi hotel.

Perfectly located in the heart of the capital, the Hotel elect to reside within the legendary Palazzo Fendi to offer an absolute and total immersion into Fendi universe. Inside evertyhing express what the soul of the Fendi is made of, finding this aesthetic natural balance combining flawlessness, sobriety, chic & creativity. Designed by Marco Costanzi the space layout make me feel in a luxurious and confidential appartment where each of the seven suites are embellished by Fendi Casa creations, such an eye pleasure for esthete like me. The intimate and refined athmosphere, like I was in a cocoon, invite my mind to take few seconds and enjoy the most accomplished Fendi art of living experience! I really loved chillin in the lounge and skiming a florilege of inspirational books, such an addiction for me even more than Tumblr.

Feeling peckish? Zuma restaurant was there to satisfy my passion for Japanese food which really started few years ago in Gstaad at the Megu. Full of energy after an epic lunch I decided to have a look to the most beautiful and biggest Fendi world store located at the ground floor of the Palazzo and I had to say that it was just another dimension. Beyond the somptuous collection, the warm welcome and liking from the sales team just put forward once again the reason why I appreciate Fendi: excellence and sense of details is everywhere even in the smile of the doorman, such a rare attitude at present sadly.

Sleep, eat, chill, buy your favorite clothes… basic humans needs in one place, it’s may be that being overwhelmingly happy, grazie mille Fendi 😉









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