Cocoon Altitude

chill attitude

Well back in Arc 1950 this year with some new expectations regarding weather forecast as our last stay here was under tons of snow and a crazy powder alarm!! This time I really looked forward to see the village for the first time with a blue sky storm ahah and this finally happen 😀 It was so much better than last year and I just became aware that the whole architecture of the village looked like I ended up in Sweden, full of wood and some cool colors, loved this!

Just rediscovered how it is cool to be directly on the slopes every morning just pushing the door of the Radisson Blu and put your skis on, so much better than taking the subway 😉
The village atmosphere that hover the place makes me feel like you are part of a little mountain community for few days, full immersion and unique sensation. What a better feeling than to be adopted by mountain and this brings me to the fact that now everywhere I go is my hometown more than ever before 😀

If you never been to Les Arcs you must know that Arc 1950 is the only place where everything is well designed like a typical high mountain village which is super cool and enjoyable to chill when you ain’t on the slopes! So many options all around for good lunch and dinner or just to have a glass after all your efforts of the day.
My best after ski activity? Enjoying the Deep Nature Spa is something you can put on top of your To Do List, whatever the skiing conditions it’s always the best moment of the day to refresh your mind and body! So lets’s chill!

‘Cocoon altitude’ is my own definition of Arc 1950 hope that you will find your own one pretty soon if you have the chance to come feeling the flow this way 😉


Wood house

pull up time

through the window

strolll around the village

hameau du glacier

relaxing atmosphere at the deep nature spa

everyday view

outside your comfort zone

welcome to Arc 1950

chill retreat

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