Brooklyn We Go Chill

Brooklyn We Go Hard - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is now on my favorite chill places list. The fact to not just pass by the neighborhood but to live for a week in Williamsburg gave me the opportunity to really feel and enjoy the relaxing athmosphere which prevails over there. More than a borough Brooklyn in now a global brand that everyone wants to experience. Nowadays, the Brooklyn lifestyle is about taking the opposite view of Manhattan, where authenticity is the key word!
My perfect sunday started by wandering around the streets under a full sun making my way until Diner for a cool brunch. After this blowout, was time for a clothes hunting at Pilgrim before some sunset drinks at the Whyte Hotel with the big views over the east river… Brooklyn is so chill!

Youth Of Today - Brooklyn

The World beyond my head - Brooklyn

Taxi driver - Brooklyn

Bonjour Brooklyn

Last light in Brooklyn - New York City

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