Armani is a way of survival

Meeting place for Armani legacy

Last spring was probably the best time I ever had into my rare gem seeker life. I spent a couple of weeks chasing the utltimate shelters around Italy and on my roadmap I took the time to stop by the iconic Armani Hotel Milano just for a visit, successful gamble!

My first step towards the entrance make me feel realised how much my father is totally right saying all the time ‘To live happily, we have to hidden away’. Especially true when you discover the very discreet entrance of the Armani Hotel Milano like to keep a closely guarded secret or to mark the difference between two worlds. In this luxury environment often assimilated to the clihé of the ‘show-off’, I was here in front of what luxury really is in my vision nowadays: a perfect match between elegance, delicacy & minimalism.
Just had the time to ask the doorman if I was at the right place that I already reached my final destination, the 7th floor, where my personal guide was waiting for me. Usually my first impression is always the good one and I understood in a flash how full of soul was this place! Like a private invitation into the mind of Giorgio Armani himself.

The different spaces we walked over were like a ode to a chill journey. I can even say that I was literally floating in the air, weightless, during all the tour, very inspired by the design and the global smoothness of the world of Armani.
The Armani Signature Suite is certainly the most impressive room I’ve ever seen, no words available to define the place where you can feel as someone really unique in the middle of your calm & grandiose ‘home away from home’! I was also taken with the Armani/Lounge where we chilled for a moment around a special Armani mint tea in timeless atmospehere 😉 Last highlight, the Armani/Spa which embodies perfecly the piece of peace of the property where you can switch off your phone and feel free to go with the flow! Sometimes you feel like a king, an that’s the case we you end up in a such intimate ambiance where your relaxation pool become your own throne from the one you can control Milan just keeping your eyes wide open.

I am always super impressed by the attention to details that Mr Armani gives to everything in his creations whatever it be, mind-blowing… The Armani Hotel Milano is not really an hotel in classic terms but more a true expression of Giorgio Armani’s personality translated into a genuine home. Constantly playing with your five senses ‘Il Maestro’ has done one of his most accomplished work. Range of colours, appearences, double volumes, natural lights, noble materials, musical vibes & culinary art… are the physical elements which reflect the emotional side of the designer, a life size portrait of a big man at once visionary, minimalist, drived by doubts and obviously full of this amazing energy to imagine and give life to his own fancy.

This quick glimpse offered myself the luxury of a total immersion in the ‘Stay with Armani’ experience, made of confidence and love without the ones we can not do anything in this life. This moment truly intensified one of my strongest belief ‘Everything resides in the intensity of the experience, more than the quantity of those ones’. Actually I prefer to live a limited edition of intense moments like this one than 10 years of stays into luxury hotels without any heart.
Armani is a kind of way of survival, always with fire in his belly to design his lifestyle philosophy.

May be I will be back there soon for a ‘Chill with Armani’ experience, who knows?!


Nightlife in the world of Armani


Flashing lights

Nap time?


Piece of peace

Armani ristorante

Armani Signature suite

Business hour

Pushing the limits

Take it easy

Last call before the end

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