A thousand imaginary worlds

White masterpiece

Summer vibes are every single day in my veins and after an awesome winter with some surprising discoveries as the White 1921 Courchevel I had this dream to stay couple days in St Tropez. Heard a lot about St Trop’ since awhile and I wanted to experience this tiny place by myself going beyond all the ‘clichĂ©s’. For this time I had the chance to travel with my friend Alice and it was so cool to chase our adventures in a completely new environment for both of us :)

We could not opt for a better option staying at the White 1921 Saint-Tropez to have a first very special approach of Saint Trop’! Just passing the spectacular doorway make me feel at the same time unique and out of the ordinary, like if simplicity nowadays became new luxury. The ancient villa of the doctor of Saint-Tropez became the reatreat of the ultimate hedonists!

At the White there’s no flourishes and the magic word is ‘minimalism, all I campaign for 😉 A true white harmony reigns in the hotel surrounded by my two favorite luxury fashious houses Fendi & CĂ©line which make me feel at home as quickly as possible. With only 8 rooms LVMH Hotel Management brings back a form of exclusivity and rarity into luxury hospitality, like a second breath which I enjoy a lot!

Creating memorable memories is something exhilarating in a such peaceful and rad dwelling. So we’ve created a true collection of good life moments without thinking of anything: play & chill afternoons on the ‘TropĂ©zienne terrace’, cocooning in bed mornings, breakfast in the magnificient lounge area, night calls from our balcony, party atmosphere and cocktails time at the Champagne Bar… Simpliest things are always the best and

Nature around the village is just awesome, what a better idea to make live my motto ‘Inspiration through Exploration’ than a stroll along this gorgeous coast?! Translucent light blue water, blazing sun, ‘chassĂ© croisĂ©’ of luxury yachts, the first priviliged tourists enjoying the beach, palm trees shadows… sounds like France is better than heaven, we just need to realise it and see all beautiful gifts life has to offer B-)

Another amazing experience to close probably the best spring time I ever had after all those road trips to Milan, Roma, Portofino, Monaco, Cannes, Nice and now Saint Tropez! I am not used to mention people but I would like to thank Stephane, Marine and Steffania for their warm welcome, smiles and precious advices they made of our daily life the ultimate dream 😉

I guess we find at the White 1921 Saint-Tropez the key to open a thousand imaginary worlds, what’s next?


Morning juice

Welcome to St Tropez

Morning bliss

White 1921 essentials

Night call

Alive Vs CĂ©line

heaven garden

shower hour


chill tropézienne terrace

wake up

play & chill

Let's play

Les graniers

Second youth

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