A Ride To Remember

Panoramic vision

Last saturday was organised the Derby du Pic du Midi. Since few years the conditions to ride this derby were not banded together and we get an unprecendented opportunity: fresh snow, blue sky, sunbathing and a pretty cool collection of over motivated riders 😉 That’s life!

The concept is pretty simple ski down the mountain at top speed and what a better playing area than the Pic to start this game ?!
After a full check of the face the race started at 11:00am in order to enjoy a softer snow and limit the damage 😉 At the end it’s the daredevil Julien Maguy who rides faster than ever whith a black total look to kill the mountain with his leather bomber and skinny demim. Flying, floating, fleeting Julien knows perfectly each square centimenter of every faces around the Pic and he delivered an impressive run with only a 4:09 minutes high speed travel!

After the contest I had the huge privilege to create my own line escorted by my new buddy Sabkouch! What an endless freedom feeling to race with a crazy avalanche rescue dog in this white vastness… mind-blowing in every way!
Both funny and inspiring to see how Sabkouch is in its element always running on the snow, taking the ski lifts and chillin’ around 😉

Epic day, stunning atmosphere and new happy encounters made my day! Another unique ride to remember at Grand Tourmalet 😎

Full results of the Derby du Pic du Midi just here.


Sabkouch chillin'

High Transfer

first lift


Let's ride

go go go

Julien Maguy ready to kill it


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