Fendi as if by magic


As a Fendi lover from the outset I was invited during my last stop in Rome to pass by the ultimate masterpiece of the brand, Fendi Private Suites, the world’s very first Fendi hotel.

Perfectly located in the heart of the capital, the Hotel elect to reside within the legendary Palazzo Fendi to offer an absolute and total immersion into Fendi universe. Inside evertyhing express what the soul of the Fendi is made of, finding this aesthetic natural balance combining flawlessness, sobriety, chic & creativity. Designed by Marco Costanzi the space layout make me feel in a luxurious and confidential appartment where each of the seven suites are embellished by Fendi Casa creations, such an eye pleasure for esthete like me. The intimate and refined athmosphere, like I was in a cocoon, invite my mind to take few seconds and enjoy the most accomplished Fendi art of living experience! I really loved chillin in the lounge and skiming a florilege of inspirational books, such an addiction for me even more than Tumblr.

Feeling peckish? Zuma restaurant was there to satisfy my passion for Japanese food which really started few years ago in Gstaad at the Megu. Full of energy after an epic lunch I decided to have a look to the most beautiful and biggest Fendi world store located at the ground floor of the Palazzo and I had to say that it was just another dimension. Beyond the somptuous collection, the warm welcome and liking from the sales team just put forward once again the reason why I appreciate Fendi: excellence and sense of details is everywhere even in the smile of the doorman, such a rare attitude at present sadly.

Sleep, eat, chill, buy your favorite clothes… basic humans needs in one place, it’s may be that being overwhelmingly happy, grazie mille Fendi 😉









Armani is a way of survival

Meeting place for Armani legacy

Last spring was probably the best time I ever had into my rare gem seeker life. I spent a couple of weeks chasing the utltimate shelters around Italy and on my roadmap I took the time to stop by the iconic Armani Hotel Milano just for a visit, successful gamble!

My first step towards the entrance make me feel realised how much my father is totally right saying all the time ‘To live happily, we have to hidden away’. Especially true when you discover the very discreet entrance of the Armani Hotel Milano like to keep a closely guarded secret or to mark the difference between two worlds. In this luxury environment often assimilated to the clihé of the ‘show-off’, I was here in front of what luxury really is in my vision nowadays: a perfect match between elegance, delicacy & minimalism.
Just had the time to ask the doorman if I was at the right place that I already reached my final destination, the 7th floor, where my personal guide was waiting for me. Usually my first impression is always the good one and I understood in a flash how full of soul was this place! Like a private invitation into the mind of Giorgio Armani himself.

The different spaces we walked over were like a ode to a chill journey. I can even say that I was literally floating in the air, weightless, during all the tour, very inspired by the design and the global smoothness of the world of Armani.
The Armani Signature Suite is certainly the most impressive room I’ve ever seen, no words available to define the place where you can feel as someone really unique in the middle of your calm & grandiose ‘home away from home’! I was also taken with the Armani/Lounge where we chilled for a moment around a special Armani mint tea in timeless atmospehere 😉 Last highlight, the Armani/Spa which embodies perfecly the piece of peace of the property where you can switch off your phone and feel free to go with the flow! Sometimes you feel like a king, an that’s the case we you end up in a such intimate ambiance where your relaxation pool become your own throne from the one you can control Milan just keeping your eyes wide open.

I am always super impressed by the attention to details that Mr Armani gives to everything in his creations whatever it be, mind-blowing… The Armani Hotel Milano is not really an hotel in classic terms but more a true expression of Giorgio Armani’s personality translated into a genuine home. Constantly playing with your five senses ‘Il Maestro’ has done one of his most accomplished work. Range of colours, appearences, double volumes, natural lights, noble materials, musical vibes & culinary art… are the physical elements which reflect the emotional side of the designer, a life size portrait of a big man at once visionary, minimalist, drived by doubts and obviously full of this amazing energy to imagine and give life to his own fancy.

This quick glimpse offered myself the luxury of a total immersion in the ‘Stay with Armani’ experience, made of confidence and love without the ones we can not do anything in this life. This moment truly intensified one of my strongest belief ‘Everything resides in the intensity of the experience, more than the quantity of those ones’. Actually I prefer to live a limited edition of intense moments like this one than 10 years of stays into luxury hotels without any heart.
Armani is a kind of way of survival, always with fire in his belly to design his lifestyle philosophy.

May be I will be back there soon for a ‘Chill with Armani’ experience, who knows?!


Nightlife in the world of Armani


Flashing lights

Nap time?


Piece of peace

Armani ristorante

Armani Signature suite

Business hour

Pushing the limits

Take it easy

Last call before the end

Pure Slo, pure blow

Create your world

Could not be more stoked to have Pure Slo with me this summertime! After having the chance to ride their first pair of skis last winter during a memorable session in Courchevel so I’ve decided to pursue the adventure this summer with a couple of their new toys in a way 😀

This time we replaced the white mountains of Courchevel by the deep blue of the ocean of Biarritz. What a better place than the Basque Country to spend the summer chiller than ever with my brand new Pure Slo quiver?
Starting everyday with a cool surf session with my alaïa just in front of the house was for sure one of the most energizing wake up ever! Catching little baby waves and getting used to this kind of board was for me a full pleasure in every single way. Usually I spent my summers surfing with short or longboards but I have to say that challenging myself by trying a new way to experience the waves was simply like to discover the ocean anew, so exciting and fun at once!

After magic mornings moments in the water, I dedicated the rest of my days to creative works with my squad at the Chillinmaster Legacy Suite. The schedule was quite simple: exploring the most beautiful and unique things that the basque country has to offer and this is not what was missing! During those getaways we had for best partner in crime and little brother a pure cruiser which became little by little one of our favorite summer transporter 😉 Tested and approved by all my guests this masterpiece is from now a vital player of my daily exploration!

I will definitely miss the summertime craziness, but that’s only for now if I figure out the sound I am going to ride the mountains on Pure Slo skis pretty soon 😉 So excited about what’s going on!

PS: You can discover more about my Pure Slo coming adventures on my instagram #StayTuned


Be patient heart

Beach chill

Alaïa jungle

Can you handle it?

Summer fire

Waiting for me

Babes ride out

Cruising Biarritz

The beginning of the end

Mountain therapy


Family first as we say! To break the rules we’ve decided this year to be reunited not on the sandy beaches of the bask country but on the banks of the lake of Payolle and the mountain streams. The choice of a different perspective to enjoy other aspect of what summer can offer us: stroll, pony, fishing, picnic, boules… a kinda heaven activitiés I guess 😉
Besides to be my favourite winter place in the Pyrenees the Grand Tourmalet is becoming little by little my second summer home at the same time. Such deep moments we had with my nephew & family, fun always on! Have a look by yourself to how we deal with a mountain escape 😉












Last effort


What a great pleasure to be invited to support a unique initiative for the Paris candidacy regarding the Olympic games in 2024.
The idea was named ‘En Selle Pour Paris 2014‘ and consited in doing the end of the 7th stage of Le Tour de France arriving at the lake of Payolle in my lovely Grand Tourmalet.

For this occasion I had the chance to pedal with a bunch of champions: Louis Armary (europeean champion of rugby and 3rd of the world cup); Philippe Dintrans (double europeean champion and vice- world champion ofrugby); William Ayache (football gold medalist for the Olympic Games of Los Angeles in 1984); Wilfrid Forgues (gold medalist in canoë biplace at the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996); Nicolas Lopez (Olympic champion in sabre by team and silver medalist by individual in the Olympic Games of Beijing in 2008); Mathieu Crépel (Team France for the Olympic Games in 2006, double world champion of snowboard); Vincent Valéry (Team France for the Olympic Games in Turin in 2006) and Boris Neveu (World Champion 2015 and Europe Champion 2016 in kayak slalom) if you please!

The roadmap was to start from Bagnères de Bigorre to reach Payolle (20km) by bike just before the offical arrival of the race. We had a perfect weather to do this not too hot, not too cold so the perfect macth to enjoy the tour and the natural beauty of the surroundings. I am not used to biking but I had to say that it was so enjoyable to cross the mountain in another means of transport: Unique experience!











A thousand imaginary worlds

White masterpiece

Summer vibes are every single day in my veins and after an awesome winter with some surprising discoveries as the White 1921 Courchevel I had this dream to stay couple days in St Tropez. Heard a lot about St Trop’ since awhile and I wanted to experience this tiny place by myself going beyond all the ‘clichés’. For this time I had the chance to travel with my friend Alice and it was so cool to chase our adventures in a completely new environment for both of us :)

We could not opt for a better option staying at the White 1921 Saint-Tropez to have a first very special approach of Saint Trop’! Just passing the spectacular doorway make me feel at the same time unique and out of the ordinary, like if simplicity nowadays became new luxury. The ancient villa of the doctor of Saint-Tropez became the reatreat of the ultimate hedonists!

At the White there’s no flourishes and the magic word is ‘minimalism, all I campaign for 😉 A true white harmony reigns in the hotel surrounded by my two favorite luxury fashious houses Fendi & Céline which make me feel at home as quickly as possible. With only 8 rooms LVMH Hotel Management brings back a form of exclusivity and rarity into luxury hospitality, like a second breath which I enjoy a lot!

Creating memorable memories is something exhilarating in a such peaceful and rad dwelling. So we’ve created a true collection of good life moments without thinking of anything: play & chill afternoons on the ‘Tropézienne terrace’, cocooning in bed mornings, breakfast in the magnificient lounge area, night calls from our balcony, party atmosphere and cocktails time at the Champagne Bar… Simpliest things are always the best and

Nature around the village is just awesome, what a better idea to make live my motto ‘Inspiration through Exploration’ than a stroll along this gorgeous coast?! Translucent light blue water, blazing sun, ‘chassé croisé’ of luxury yachts, the first priviliged tourists enjoying the beach, palm trees shadows… sounds like France is better than heaven, we just need to realise it and see all beautiful gifts life has to offer B-)

Another amazing experience to close probably the best spring time I ever had after all those road trips to Milan, Roma, Portofino, Monaco, Cannes, Nice and now Saint Tropez! I am not used to mention people but I would like to thank Stephane, Marine and Steffania for their warm welcome, smiles and precious advices they made of our daily life the ultimate dream 😉

I guess we find at the White 1921 Saint-Tropez the key to open a thousand imaginary worlds, what’s next?


Morning juice

Welcome to St Tropez

Morning bliss

White 1921 essentials

Night call

Alive Vs Céline

heaven garden

shower hour


chill tropézienne terrace

wake up

play & chill

Let's play

Les graniers

Second youth